Private University College of Teacher Education, Diocese Graz-Seckau
(KPH Graz)

is a nationally recognized private teacher-training college with a special profile.
The KPH Graz offers training in the area of undergraduate studies for the teaching profession at primary schools, special education schools and the teaching of Catholic religion in compulsory schools.
In the KPH Graz, primary school practice is integrated with a focus on progressive teaching.
For the purposes of lifelong learning, the KPH Graz is also a partner for in-service teacher training and aims for broad training and continuing education of teachers and religious teachers, as well as social educators and kindergarten teachers

Profile of the Private University College of Teacher Education, Graz-Seckau

At the KPH Graz, training of teachers and educators in other professions is based on the Christian image of man, the world and God‘s image, according to current scientific standards of teacher education and in a lively discourse between pedagogy, theology and other relevant special sciences. It should be a place of teaching and learning where „greatest challenges go along with greatest respect“ (A.S. Makarenko) and a „a space to live and work where the spirit of freedom and the love of the Gospel are alive“ (Second Vatican Council)